Friday, September 26, 2014

Guest blog: Match.Me.Up! brings together young entrepreneurs and experienced professionals in Switzerland

With Match.Me.Up! Impact Hub Zurich designed an unusual program to bring together people looking for a meaningful job with fast growing and impact driven start-ups. One thing is for sure: a fulfilling job will become more important than money and status in the long

According to a study by Ashoka and McKinsey over a third of people are looking for purpose-driven work activities in which they can experience the social effects directly. Not a majority. Not a movement yet. But an important trend. For more than every other over 50 yearold a meaningful job is more important than the wage (54%) (Source: Xing). But careers in the social sector are considered unattractive, especially because they are often equated with volunteer work. This is exactly where the program Match.Me.Up! is different: it brings together experienced professionals - not with well-known charity organizations - but with fast-growing start-ups in the area of sustainability. Carsten Rübsaamen, who himself undertook a change of career and moved from being a banker to a social entrepreneurs, was part of the Match.Me.Up! program in 2013 with his start-up "Book Bridge” in search of an Executive Committee member. "Many people want more - more in the sense of that they realize that every decision that you make not only affects yourself but also others. And a job with a start-up gives you more!”, says Carsten. Because in addition to the monetary variables such as salary, status and power there is always also a social and environmental dimension of a job. A large number of people have already realized this today and donate money to various charity organizations. "But Match.Me.Up! shows that one can combine his job with doing good: simply by having a job, "says Niels Rot, co-founder of Impact Hub Zurich and responsible for the Match.Me.Up! program. The whole program is designed as a personal learning journey and includes a "try-out" phase in which the start-up and the candidates can get to know each other during a project-based cooperation, before making the game changing decision. There are over 15 job openings ranking from COO to Head of Business Development and Marketing Manager and Java Software Engineer at various start-ups. The application deadline is October 3, 2014.

Céline Müller
PR and Communication Manager

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