Why this Blog?

We are a group of researchers in Zurich, Switzerland who have extensive experience in engaging firms and stakeholder groups through our teaching and research. We aim to build a dynamic platform for the exchange of insights, perspectives and proposals in view of promoting a shift in our current for profit economic paradigm towards one centered on people. While we take on a thoroughly global perspective, we value and leverage our unique point of view from Switzerland. We thus actively strive to take up issues from local sources that have global relevance and ramifications.

Our discussion is however also open for academics, practitioners, students and the wider, informed public well beyond the walls of our institute in Zurich.

We are thus pleased to periodically host guest writers with similar interests. Academics are invited to analyze topics in their specific realm of expertise. Practitioners may wish to reflect upon and share with us some real-life stories. The wider, informed audience may wish to report on a particular matter they have experienced or that is dear to them.

Contact Manuel Dawson at manuel.dawson@fh-hwz.ch for more information and/or a submission.