Meet the People

In our work at the Institute for Strategic Management at the HWZ Zurich we are pursuing our common vision of laying the groundwork for a people centered econonmy that sustainably creates value with and for people. We want to achieve this by researching, teaching and transferring this knowledge into practice. 

You can find us here: 
HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich
Institute for Strategic Management: Stakeholder View
Lagerstrasse 5
CH-8021 Zurich

Prof. Dr. Sybille Sachs
Head of the Institute for Strategic Management: Stakeholder View
Titularprofessor, University of Zurich

Direct: +41 43 322 26 43
Email: sybille.sachs[at]

Prof. Dr. Edwin Rühli
Senior Advisor to the Institute

Direct: +41 43 322 26 43
Email: edwin.ruehli[at]
Dr. des. Claude Meier
Associate head of the Institute

Direct: +41 43 322 26 44
Email: claude.meier[at]

Manuel Heer Dawson
In charge of Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Direct: +41 43 322 26 45
Email: manuel.dawson[at]

Lic. phil. Vanessa McSorley
Research assistant
Doctoral student
Lecturer at HWZ

Direct: +41 43 322 26 93
Email: vanessa.mcsorley[at]

Lic. phil. Thomas Schneider
Research assistant
Doctoral student at the University of Bern
Lecturer at HWZ

Direct: +41 43 322 26 45
Email: t.schneider[at]

Lic. phil. Christian Stutz
Research assistant

Direct: +41 43 322 26 94
Email: christian.stutz[at]


Former contributors (The Center for Corporate Social Responsability)


Dr. Christoph Weber-Berg
Head of the former Center for Corporate Social Responsibility
Sabrina Stucki, lic. phil. I
Former Research Assistant